Textile and Clothing

The unit has an extensive product range and the clothing apparel that are categorized as corporate wear, sportswear, school wear, academic regalia and personal protective clothing. Attention to detail is the name of the game. From investing in high-quality fabric to using state-of-the-art embroidery techniques, we pay close attention to each stitch and seam in the pursuit of creating a perfect product all the time.

Corporate Wear

MSU Enterprises manufactures a wide range of corporate wear. These specially designed clothes comprise mostly of suits, dress shirts, formal trousers and skirts or any other uniform that is specified by a corporate customer. Usually this type of apparel is branded with the corporate customer’s logo.

Personal Protective Clothing

Our Clothing unit also manufactures clothing specially designed and fabricated to protect personnel against hazards caused by a dangerous work environment. The products manufactured in this category include, work-suits dustcoats, lab coats, sun hats, scrubs, theatre gowns and many others.

School Wear

School uniforms are also manufactured at this unit and the product line contains items such as school hats, boys’ uniforms, girls’ dress uniforms, school tracksuits, blazers, anoraks and t- shirts.

Sports Wear

The Clothing and Textile has also been producing sportswear with products such as t-shirts being the best seller in this category. Tracksuits and sporting team uniforms are also manufactured here.